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          通过:Charles Buchanan'23

          今年早些时候,里士满聘请了John Alley的澳门威尼人斯app下载学校,是世界地区教师和越野教练。以及在圣路易斯教学。 Gertrude,Alley担任助理教练并训练ST。格特鲁德和本尼迪克丁越野队。

          他是一个坚定的个人,迄今为止为团队提出了几次预测。 “我认为我们的越野队伍将在国家天主教锦标赛中的标题或前三名持续竞争,并且在Visaa的前五名中持续放置。”

          Alley believes that to truly motivate athletes, a coach needs to think of alternative ways to inspire and instill in them a competitive spirit. "For the last six years, I taught Humanities (which comprises history, literature, and philosophy) and a variety of subjects ranging from Logic to Senior Thesis at Veritas School," said Alley. "I was also the head coach of the track & field and cross-country programs for five of those years." Alley excelled in his skill and when a position opened at the school, he took it. Alley describes himself as having a competitive spirit and thought that his strengths resonated well with the Benedictine culture and education.


          In his early years, Alley was inspired by his hard-working family members, who all implanted a hard work ethic in him at a young age. When asked who had influenced him the most, he responded, "My family, for sure. My father, who swam for Michigan State and, later, William & Mary, instilled in me and my siblings a strong work ethic from a young age (although it took until my senior year to stick; I was a late bloomer)." Additionally, his brother and sister were his mentors who pushed him to be the man he is today. By example, his family left an indelible impression on him.

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